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Hello readers,

Have you ever seen something that seems to be attached to your feet that only comes out when the sun is shining?

I chose  the pose of me holding a paint brush because I love doing art. Value is the lightness and darkness of a color.

This art project taught me how to use value (where and how). This also taught me how to do bricks properly like putting thick lubes between the bricks so it doesn’t look like there are just bricks sitting

The first step to doing this project are first you have to choose what pose you would like to do then you have to take the picture of you doing your pose. Then you have to draw  your picture on your back round the last step is adding value to your picture.

There thing I like about my picture is the background because it’s really pretty and I think I put a lot of confidence into this project.  A couple things I would change if I had to would be more value and more improvement on the bricks.

If you were to do this project with your class what pose would you do? How would you do it?  Please comment down below and I will be happy to reply.

Sincerely Fayth.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

Hello world,
I am writing about the movie A Charlie Brown Christmas. The main characters are Charlie, and Snoopy his dog. Charlie is a young boy in the movie. He is kind of shy, and he sort of goes along with everything people say or do. Charlie does not understand the meaning of Christmas because everybody is telling him that Christmas is about presents but he thinks it is about something else.

In the movie Lucy tries to explain what the true meaning of Christmas is. She thinks that Christmas is about presents, and money. Lucy isn’t really thinking about what Christmas really is about to others shes just thinking about what it is to her.

Linus is one of Charlie’s friends. In the Christmas play he explains what Christmas really is about to Charlie. He says it is about spending time with your family and loved ones. Linus reads quotes from the bible about the birth of Jesus and where he was born.

In the end, Charlie understood what Christmas was about. It is about caring and sharing for  friends, family, and he was happy about that.

Charlie Brown Christmas Charlie and LinusCreative Commons License

John Flannery via Compfight

Sincerely Fayth

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My Top 5 Favorite TV shows / Movies

hello world,

Today I am writing about my favorite TV shows and movies.  These are TV shows and movies that I regularly watch and really enjoy.  Some of my favorite actors are in these movies.

Here are the TV shows:

  1. Modern family
  2. pretty little liars
  3. Black-ish
  4. family guy
  5. Once upon a time

Here are the Movies:

  1. Ted
  2. Big daddy
  3. Big mamma’s house
  4. Crazy stupid love
  5. Grown ups 1 and 2

Those are all my favorites, what are yours?  Please comment below and tell me what your favorite TV and movies are and I will be happy to reply.

Thanks for reading.
Sincerely, Fayth

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My Favourite Actors

Hello world,

I am talking about my favourite actors. Hope you enjoy!!!

  • My   favorite actor is Will ferrel because he’s funny, smart, obviously amazingly talented and  he is the most awesome guy you will ever meet if you do. One of his top/ my favorite movies Are “Anchor Man”.

Anchorman partyCreative Commons License Ronnie Gray via Compfight

  • My second favorite actor is Adam Sandler because he’s funny smart and really nice. My favorite movies with him are Big Daddy, 50 First Dates and Bed Time Storys. In the movie Bed time Storys my favorite parts are when he makes up the cool Storys about the kids and himself and my other favorite part is when it rains gumballs. I also have lots of other movies to like by him and other actors/actresses.


Dan Budiac via Compfight


My third favorite actor is Marilyn Monroe she is so pretty and talented she is my All time favorite actor all though she died in April, 1962 on the 5th. My mom has lots of images of her all around the house and in her bedroom. Marilyn was not only an actress she was also an Modle and famous for playing the roll of the “Dumb Blond” parts of most movies.

Marilyn cor 14Creative Commons License Luiz Fernando Reis via Compfigh

My fourth favourite actress is Audrey Hepburn she is also one of my mom’s/my favourite actors because she is really good at drama scenes and all that kind of stuff. I also have a lot of pictures of her in around the house. This is exactly like the photo I have in my bathroom. Except in black and white.

上海杜莎夫人蜡像馆 奥黛丽·赫本 永远的公主

3water via Compfight


Who is your favorite actor/actress please comment down below and I will be happy to reply.!!!

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My Favorite Holidays

Hello world,

Today I am talking about my favorite holidays! It is getting really close to Christmas and I am super excited. please make sure to read all about why I  like Christmas. And my other favorite holidays.
My favorite holiday is Halloween because you get to dress up and do your make up and you can dress up as whatever you want. This year I was Alison from my favorite TV show Pretty Little Liars.If you don’t know what show I’m talking about it is on Netflix. Next year i am being my all time favorite singer kesha for Halloween. Or either Harley quin from the movie joker. Witch one do you think i should be please comment down below. 

Fright:  fight or flight? 181/365 10/30/08
Maria Johnson via Compfight

My second favorite holiday is Christmas because you get presents and you get time to spend with family and friends.  I love putting up Christmas lights and decorations. And my favorite Christmas flower, is a holly bush. All though its not really a flower it is more of a plant.

Holly Bush Red Berries 12-26-094Creative Commons License

My third favorite holiday is Easter because I love spring and the sunshine. I loved doing Easter egg hunts when I was younger, I don’t really do them any more. every year my sybolings do an Easter egg hunt at my moms work. and its really fun to watch them running around her work and outside looking for stuff.

Easter EggsCreative Commons License
RichardBH via Compfight

What is your favorite holiday please comment below.

sincerely fayth.

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Remembrance Day Poem

Hello world,

Re-think about those who fought for our freedom.
Everyone so sad, so hurt, so lost.
Memories of those who lost their lives and loved ones.
Everyone waiting for a letter from their families.
Muddy clothes.
Bravery of soldiers who lost their lives.
Explosions here and there, people, blood, death.
Relatives hoping for their family to come home to safety.

Sincerely, Fayth

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My Favorite Music

Hello world,

Do you like music? If you do then keep reading
Here are my top 5 favorite songs,

Lightbox Stuff Claire sambrook via Compfight

  1. Blow: by Kesha
  2. We are who we are: by Kesha
  3. Whistle while you work it: by Katy Tiz
  4. Fun:  by Pitbull
  5. X’s and Oh’s: by Elle King

My favorite music artist

  1. Kesha
  2. Elle King
  3. Drake
  4. Selena Gomez
  5. Katy Tiz

    What music do you like?,  please leave a comment below.

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Cat Or Dog?

Hello world,

I would prefer cats  more then dogs. Here are five good reasons why:

via Compfight  Taylor Bennett 

  1. Cats are really playful and cute.
  2. Cats like to snuggle and lie  with me ( such as my cat).
  3. Cats are so cute and small gentle animals.
  4. You can play with cats, and they  let you pick them up and cuddle them.

What do you prefer?

Sincerely  Fayth
Edited by: Abbie

Blogs Worth Reading

Hi bloggers,

Here are some great posts for you to read.

Blog# 1 Izzy’s blog   Izzy’s blog is about summer and camps that she goes to. I really enjoyed reading her blog.

Hi Izzy,

I saw your blog from the student blogging challenge! What is camp tilikum?
I really enjoyed reading your blog I hope to hear from you soon!


Blog# 2 Haileys  blog  Haileys blog is about volleyball, the clarinet, and she likes to hangout with her friends.

Hello Hailey,

I saw your blog From the student blogging challenge!
I like volleyball too I am on my school team. I hope to hear from you soon.

I hope you will visit these great blogs.